Innovative Ideas Sought for CDOT RoadX Rural Road Safety Challenge

05-Oct-2018 to 05-Dec-2018

CDOT recently launched a new program to try to lower the number of collisions between vehicles and wildlife, especially along rural roads. The Rural Road Safety Challenge is a multi-year incentivized prize competition that asks innovators, entrepreneurs and good 'ole fashioned problem-solvers to submit ideas for technological innovations that would improve the safety of rural roads.

The goal of the challenge is to solicit innovative solutions that will help to protect people from potential hazards, such as wildlife, that can arise on rural roads across the country. There will be three separate, incentive-based Idea-thons, each focused on a different key rural transportation issue: Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions, Soft Shoulders and Sharp Turns. You can submit an idea in English or Spanish as an individual or as part of team, classroom, company or community. CDOT is offering a prize up to $15,000 and will then help implement the winning idea. Ideas can be submitted at up to January 31 and finalists will be selected in February.