LEADING EDGE for Transportation Program Graduates Top Contractors

09-Feb-2016 to 12-Feb-2016

The Pikes Peak SBDC along with multiple instructors and industry guest speakers led 7 students through an intensive 10-­week business planning course that resulted in huge gains for the following contractors:

  • Raul Acosta, AA Forestry (DBE)
  • Carla Barela, Cortez Construction (DBE)
  • Daniel Cordova, Cortez Construction (DBE)
  • Andy Jesik, Jesik Consulting (ESB in process)
  • Robert Leverington, Leverington & Associates (ESB)
  • Marsi Loving, Daro­Tech (DBE)
  • Solomon Tuffa, Add Trucking (DBE in process)

The graduates gained valuable insights from financial partners, industry experts, prime contractors, and others during classroom, online, and panel presentations. We would like to thank CDOT staff, our panelists, and everyone who offered their time to support these superstar subcontractors. These firms are business savvy, building capacity, structured for growth, and poised to be the top subcontractors in southern Colorado!