"Memorial Rock" Will Turn Into a Future Highway Construction Project

14-Jun-2019 to 18-Jun-2019

The 8.5-million-pound boulder that landed next to CO SH 145 will stay where it is because the cost to move it is about $200,000 more than building a new road around it. The boulder is the largest remaining part of a rockslide that happened on May 24th over Memorial Day weekend. The boulder fell 1,000 feet from a nearby ridge creating an eight-foot ditch and destroying the pavement on SH 145 about 12 miles north of Dolores. CDOT w as able to blast and clean up the other 2.3-million-pound boulder that fell on the highway and open a safe lane for travelers on this main artery between Cortez and Telluride. Even without the demolition, repairs are expected to run about $1.3 million, some of which will come from federal emergency dollars. CDOT will most likely solicit bids from contractors within the year to construct the new road around Memorial Rock.