New Law Gives CDOT Discretion to Award Contracts with Less Competition

30-Jun-2015 to 30-Jun-2015

HB15-1046 passes and opens up more opportunities for CDOT contractors. In the past, if there were fewer than three bidders for a highway project, CDOT could only award a contract if:

  • The contract amount was no more than 10% over CDOT's project cost estimate; or
  • CDOT's project cost estimate was less than $1 million and the contract amount is less than 25% over the estimate.
A new law signed by Governor Hickenlooper on April 8, 2015 allows CDOT to award a highway contract to the low responsible bidder regardless of CDOT's project cost estimate if the CDOT Executive Director determines that it is in the best financial, economic, or other interest of the state to do so.

This legislation will open up more opportunities for contractors by allowing CDOT to get projects started quicker and more efficiently. In a low bid environment, reduced competition can lead to big gains for contractors who are actively bidding. If you're on the fence about bidding as a prime on a CDOT project, go for it and you may reap the reward!