On-the-Job Training Offers Big Benefits for Construction Employers

21-Oct-2015 to 23-Nov-2015

There are a lot of benefits to having an On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Program  approved by CDOT if you know how to make it w ork for your business. Large and small contractors can take advantage of various workforce development options on CDOT projects. Did you know...

  • CDOT sets goals for prime contractors to train journeyman workers in skilled trades on construction projects.
  • CDOT prime contractors must have an approved OJT plan.
  • CDOT compensates prime contractors for a portion of the trainee's hourly wage.
  • Subcontractors can also have an OJT plan and use it as a marketing tool to help primes meet their goals while getting valuable training for their employees.
  • Businesses in a labor union and members of the Colorado Contractors Association have a fast-track w ay to an approved OJT plan.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage the OJT program or if you are required to meet OJT goals on CDOT projects, join CDOT in Alamosa on November 3rd for an educational workshop and update on upcoming CDOT projects in Region 5.