San Luis Valley Awards Its First ESB Project

01-May-2014 to 01-May-2099

CDOT Region Five’s Alamosa Engineering Residency has completed its first restricted Emerging Small Business (ESB) construction contract! Through the regular bidding process small businesses who meet ESB criteria set by CDOT are able to complete for contracts directly with CDOT. This is the third project completed by an ESB in CDOT Region Five.

Medved Global, Inc. of the southwestern part of the state was awarded this contract. Jason Velasquez, the Project Manager, said this of the prime contractor’s work: “They were really good to work with, really responsive.” He also said that they finished “way ahead of schedule.” The project was slated for completion in 55 days. They finished it in 19.

Working with contractors from this region of the state is a benefit to the local communities. It establishes them as a viable option for business and they perform a commercially useful function. It is the foundation of small business – we all benefit. There is an increasing need to certify more emerging small businesses (ESB) and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE). For more information about DBE and ESB opportunities in Region Five, please contact Mónica C. Vialpando at 719-587-6589. Click here to find out more about ESB and DBE certifications.