Southwestern Colorado Gears Up for a Busy Construction Season

30-Jun-2015 to 30-Jun-2015

CDOT Region 5 will have an estimated $94 million in roadway, traffic and safety improvement projects underway this 2015 construction season. Work will include some 23 projects that address roadway and bridge construction, traffic and safety (e.g., signals, intersection upgrades), culverts, retaining walls, rock fall mitigation and more. The 23 projects will involve work on:
  • 68 linear miles of highway (plus an additional 750 miles of highway striping)
  • 10 bridges
  • 6 culverts
  • 4 intersections
  • Other: 1 rock fall site, 1 wildlife underpass (and wildlife fencing), 4 crib walls, 1 major drainage system, 1 slow vehicle pull-out
These planned projects, which also include RAMP and local agency partner projects, are detailed in the CDOT Region 5 Traffic Watcher.