State Transportation Commission Approves $6 Billion Ballot Project List

07-Aug-2018 to 06-Sep-2018

Last month, the Transportation Commission approved $6 billion in statewide transportation projects that are earmarked for funding if the Let's Go, Colorado funding initiative #153 is approved by voters in November. If you ever wanted a detailed forecast of CDOT projects, this is it. The list, which can be found on the Together We Go website, accounts for 45% of the funds that will be secured for transportation projects across the state if the sales tax and bonding initiative is approved. It includes priority projects at both the regional and statewide level for the 10-year transportation plan that can be implemented as funding becomes available.

You'll find 84 detailed Project Fact Sheets for all 5 CDOT Regions that include the project description and budget and the total number of lane miles and planned improvements to intersections, wildlife crossings, bike lanes, guardrails, and more. Together We Go is truly a goldmine for contractors who are looking for opportunities and want to start talking about teaming early on.There's also an Interactive Map that will show you where the projects are located to help you think about mobilization. You can click on the project marker to get basic details about the project and budget.

Timing for many of these projects is still up in the air until funding is identified and approved. The two popular transportation-related ballot initiatives that will help the funding gap are Ballot Initiative 153, "Colorado Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Initiative" and Ballot Initiative 167, "The Colorado Bond Issue for Transportation Initiative." You can learn more about these from the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry.