Summer is the Time to Form Your Team for CDOT's 2020 Mentor-Protégé Program

16-Jul-2019 to 19-Nov-2019

Small businesses should be talking w ith CDOT prime contractors now about teaming up for next year's Mentor-Protégé program. Applications w ill be available in the fall with team selection at the end of the year. Protégés must be certified by CDOT as an Emerging Small Business (ESB) so be sure to check your ESB status or complete the mandatory ESB Orientation and apply online. There are currently 7 teams participating in the program. They are bidding and w inning contracts together, collaborating on personnel recruitment and hiring, improving internal processes and financials, and becoming better overall contractors and consultants through teamwork. Some recent successes include:

  • Atkins/Hg Consult team w on the CDOT Highw ay of Legends (State Highw ay 12) PEL Study w ith the protégé as the prime. 
  • Parsons/Goodbee & Associates team partnered on several CDOT proposals and the mentor is assisting the protégé with launching a new line of business.
  • Apex Design/Eugene Lynne team collaborated on identifying business development opportunities and the protégé launched a new website with advice from the mentor.
  • Kraemer/Vivid Engineering team are working together on the CDOT I-25 South Gap project. 
  • P&H Equipment/R&R Transportation team collaborated to improve the financial capacity and internal processes of the protégé and they are developing a strategy to separate two lines of business.
  • WSP/Triunity Engineering & Management team won a CDOT NPS Planning contract together and the mentor is providing Microsoft SharePoint systems training. 
  • Structures, Inc./Colt & Steel team bid together on several project opportunities and the mentor is coaching the protégé on managing and performing as a prime contractor.

Check the CDOT website for more information.