Team Rocky Mountain Finalist in Hyperloop One Competition

03-Oct-2017 to 11-Oct-2017

Denver to Vail in less than 9 minutes? It may seem outrageous but Team Rocky Mountain is thinking outside of the box and into the Hyperloop. The team which includes CDOT, DEN, and AECOM was named one of 10 finalists in the global Hyperloop One competition to build a vacuum-sealed tunnel that would shoot pods of people and freight between cities at up to 700 miles per hour. Team Rocky Mountain proposed a 360-mile route that would connect Vail, Pueblo, and Cheyenne to Denver. It would include several stops and be able to handle 45 million trips in 2040, generating an estimated $2 billion in revenues per year. CDOT is now taking the next step and entering a public-private partnership with Hyperloop One to start a feasibility study for the route. The study will look at transportation demand, economic benefits, proposed routes and potential strategies, regulatory environments and alignment with overall high-speed travel. Innovative funding options will also be explored since CDOT has stated that they will not be funding the proposed $24 million project.