What's Happening with the I-70 East Project?

17-Dec-2014 to 17-Dec-2014

Due to substantial changes to initial revenue projections, including the potential reduction of available Senate Bill 09-228 (SB-228) funds, CDOT staff w ill be presenting various scope and funding options to the Transportation Commission during the standing meeting on December 17th. These meetings are open to the public. Click here for the agenda.

The following outlines the schedule for the next three months to keep the I-70 East Project moving forward:

  • December: Staff w ill update the Transportation Commission on the three fundamental options available to the Department for the first phase of the project. Click here for an overview of the options.
  • January: Staff hopes to obtain direction from the Commission on how to fund the preferred scope.
  • February: Staff w ill seek direction from the Commission on how to deliver the project (through a public-private partnership or traditional delivery).

CDOT has postponed the RFQ and industry forum until early 2015 after the NEPA analysis is finalized and key decisions have been made by CDOT staff and the Commission regarding the scope and funding options.