Highway Design/Engineering Consultant Prequalification

All prime consultants and subconsultants providing engineering and design services must have a Master Price Agreement (MPA) in order to respond to a CDOT RFP or be included as a team member in a proposal. Prequalification by CDOT is a two-step process; (1) Technical Prequalification, (2) Financial Prequalification. 

Technical Prequalification

The first step is to complete the prequalification application located in the CDOT Supplier Self-Service (SuSS) Portal. You will need to register and login to the portal and then complete the Prequal PS Tech and the Architect-Engineer Prequalification Questionnaire (Form 1058). The following links will help you through the process of registering and submitting the application. If you need assistance with this step, please contact Darrell Wells, CDOT Engineering Contracts at 303-757-9215.

Financial Prequalfication

The second step is to complete the financial prequalification and MPA. CDOT has developed a guide that outlines what is required for this process. The MPA establishes labor rates for a firm's employees when working on a CDOT professional services contract. Consultant rates are determined using an Indirect Cost Rate calculation model. Generally, firms with direct revenue from CDOT of $500,000 or more in the previous calendar year are required to have an Audited Indirect Cost Rate Report or a Cognizant Letter of acceptance from another state DOT. Small businesses and sole proprietors with revenue from CDOT of $500,000 or less, will either need to provide a compilation of their Indirect Cost Rate or contact the CDOT Audit Division for guidance. 

Consultant vs. Vendor

There is often confusion over the types of firms considered to be consultants by CDOT and therefore required to be prequalified. For CDOT contracting purposes, "consultants" is a terms that encapsulates all architectural, landscape architecture, engineering, industrial hygiene and design professional services covered by the Brooks Act. It includes program management, construction management, feasibility studies, preliminary engineering, design engineering, surveying, mapping, or other related services (including professional engineering related services, or incidental services that may be performed by a professional engineer or individuals working under their direction). 

Firms providing other types of services do not fall under this definition of professional services and are classified as vendors on professional service contracts. Vendors are not required to be prequalified or have an MPA and can be included on a team or in a proposal similar to a material supplier. Vendors do need to be registered in the CDOT SuSS portal. Click here for more information and contacts if you are not sure into which category you firm fits.