CDOT ESB Mentor-Protégé Program

The CDOT ESB Mentor-Protégé Program provides opportunities for Emerging Small Businesses (ESB) to hone their business skills by working closely with established firms in highway construction or professional services. The program assists CDOT, and the transportation industry in general, to build a more effective diverse consultant base for the future.

The ESB Mentor-Protégé Program is open to both contractors and consultants in highway construction and professional services.  CDOT does not match mentors and protégés; firms are responsible for identifying and forming a team and applying to CDOT for formal approval. 

Approved mentor-protégé teams must identify the goal(s) of the relationship and create a plan to achieve the identified goal(s). Mentor-protégé teams will be responsible for managing and tracking progress against the plan by providing quarterly update surveys to CDOT via Survey Monkey. As described in the 'Incentives' page linked below, mentor-protégé teams may receive various benefits and incentives for participating in the program.

A maximum of six teams will be selected each year for the program. A mentor-protégé team will be monitored for one calendar year, but may continue past such time. The next deadline for applications is November 1, 2017.

Program Information:

Tools to Help Find a Potential Mentor or Protégé:

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