Project Opportunities

One of the questions most frequently asked by small business owners when looking to work with CDOT is, "How do I find out about project opportunties?" There are a number of resources you should to be dialed into for the latest project bidding information. Most of these are spread across the CDOT website or through other agency communications. We have consolidated the most popular resources to ensure you are in the loop.

CDOT Central 70 Project: Kiewit-Meridiam

I-70 between I-25 and Tower Road is one of the most congested and heavily traveled highways in the state. CDOT has proposed a redevelopment plan that improves safety, access and mobility while addressing congestion.  CDOT is currently in the process of selecting a private partner to construct the estimated $1.7 billion Central 70 project. Kiewit-Meridiam Partners was selected as the preferred proposer to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Central 70 Project. Click here for resources for small businesses interested in participating on this project.

North I-25 Express Lanes: Various Contractors

Expanding I-25 from Denver to Wyoming has been in the works for years and there's lots more to come. There are 8 segments that have been divided into separate projects. Johnstown to Fort Collins is currently under construction led by Kraemer North America and IHC Construction Companies. Segments 5 and 6 were recently awarded to R.L. Wadsworth. Click here to find out about the segments and to check out list of active and upcoming projects. 

US 550/US 160 Connection South: RFP Process

This estimated $99.6 million project will provide an efficient connection of US 550 and US 160 in La Plata county. The project is currently in the RFP process with team selection at the end of 2019 and construction beginning in early 2020. Click here for resources for small businesses interested in participating on this project.

ESB Restricted Projects

The ESB Restricted Project Program selects construction projects estimated at $1 million or less and allows bids only from ESB certified firms. All other CDOT requirements, including insurance, bonding, prequalification, and completing 30% of the contract work, apply to ESB Restricted Projects. Click here for a list of upcoming projects and more information about the program.

CDOT Highway and Facility Construction

CDOT Highway and Facility Design

Additional Project Bidding Resources