Responding to RFPs

Consultants that want to propose on a CDOT design project are required to submit a Statement of Interest or "SOI." This is a standard proposal format that provides an overview of the team's qualifications. Prime consultants generally have a template that conforms to the sections dictated by CDOT. Whenever possible, you should get on as many teams as possible to increase your chances of being on the winning team. Click here for more information about how CDOT procures consultant services and the SOI process.

As a subconsultant, you should be familiar with the SOI format and prepared to provide the information required in each section. In most cases this will include:

  • Company overview 
  • Key personnel information including a resume, length of time with the company, project experience, and a photo
  • Staff qualifications matrix
  • Capacity chart
  • Relevant project experience and photos
  • Letter of Intent
  • DBE certificate/letter