CDOT ESB Restricted Projects

The ESB Restricted Project Program selects construction projects estimated at $1 million or less and allows bids only from ESB certified firms. All other CDOT requirements, including insurance, bonding, prequalification, and completing 30% of the contract work, apply to ESB Restricted Projects. For more information about the ESB small business program, click here.

Please contact Darrell Wells at 303-757-9215 or if you would like more information about the program and/or projects.

Confirmed upcoming projects include:

Estimated Ad Date Location Description Contact
September 2017 Region 1 ADA Curbramp Project (state funded).  Project C R100-286 (22014).  Letting date October 26, 2017. Joy French
October 2017 Region 4 ADA Curbramp Project (state funded) Katrina Kloberdanz
October 2017 Region 4
ADA Curbramp Project (state funded)
Katrina Kloberdanz
November 2017 Region 4 Sidewalk project in Plateville  Larry Haas
November 2017  Region 4 ADA Curbramp Project (state funded) Patrick Pittman
November 2017  Region 5 ADA Curbramp Project, SH 145, Dolores (state funded)  Nathan Shawcroft
December 2017 Region 4 SH 52 Antelope Creek:  Replace existing undersized culverts with CBC Dan Mattson
January 2018   Region 5 ADA Curbramp Project, US 550 Main, Durango (state funded)   Nathan Shawcroft
July 2018  Region 3 ADA Curbramp Project (likely state funded)   Steve Olson
August 2018  Region 4 Spring Creek 287: ROW, excavation, small concrete structures, form work, trenching, and compaction Dan Mattson

CDOT availability analysis being conducted for the following projects:

What does an availability analysis mean? CDOT will only restrict projects if there are available ESB firms. An availability analysis is conducted on each project to ensure there are ample firms who are ready, willing, and able to bid on the work. Please contact Darrell Wells at 303-757-9215, if you are interested in the projects undergoing an availability analysis. 

Estimated Ad Date Location Description Special Requirements
December 2017 Region 4 US 85 signal project at WCR 76 North of Eaton Traffic signal installation. Must be approved by CDOT to build signals, know about concrete boring, cabinet placement, drilling and wiring. 
December 2017 Region 1 Wall Repair project in various locations Must have experience with concrete and CDOT's public information and ECS/erosion control specifications. Traffic control is a big component of this project.
March 2018 Region 4 Stencil Markings in the City of Loveland US 287
July 2018 Region 1
US 285 Deck Rehabilitation in Jefferson County and various locations
Must have experience with concrete work and an understanding of CDOT's public information and erosion control specifications. Traffic control is a big component of this project.

What do I need to do to prime on a CDOT project?

  • Prequalification: You must be prequalified. To apply for prequalification, click here. If you have questions or need assistance with prequalification contact Marci Gray at 303-757-9297 or
  • Bidding Software: You must bid for the project through a software called Bid Express. An ESB must subscribe to Bid Express if they intend to bid on an ESB restricted project. To ensure that this is not a barrier for the upcoming restricted project, CDOT has allocated money to reimburse firms for the cost of a one-month basic subscription plus the one-time fee for the digital ID  for an upcoming ESB restricted project if the ESB bids on the project. The ESB firm may then choose to continue to pay the monthly subscription fee on their own or cancel the account after the ESB bid is final. A digital ID is reimbursable by CDOT up to one time each year. To request reimbursement, qualifying firms must submit the following to Debra Lancaster ( ) within 60 days of the firm's bid:
  • Bonding & Insurance Requirements: To see CDOT's requirements for bonding and insurance click here. If you would like assistance with bonding, insurance, or any other small business issue, please contact Connect2DOT at or 720-624-6728 for free, unlimited consulting assistance.
  • Bidding Rules & Specifications: CDOT specifications and bidding rules apply to ESB restricted projects. You can access CDOT bid rules click here to access CDOT specification click here.

Upcoming Training

CDOT has both live and online training available to support businesses who want to work with CDOT.
  • Introduction to Bidding on CDOT Construction Projects: This training is an introduction to bidding on CDOT highway construction projects. The training reviews requirements to bid on CDOT projects, contract considerations, and includes resources to assist you with the process.
  • LCP Tracker E-Training: This interactive e-training provides CDOT contractors with the information they need to enter and approve payroll in the LCPTracker system, and CDOT staff with the resources for LCPTracker system administration.