City & County of Denver Small Business Certifications

The City and County of Denver is one of the certifying agencies for the Colorado DBE UCP. However, your business does not need to be located in Denver to be certified as a DBE by the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED)'s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO). DBE and ACDBE certification is statewide and applies to more than 50 UCP partner agency transportation contracts. The City is the only agency to certify minority- or woman-owned airport concessionaires (ACDBE).

The City also has small business programs that are specific to contracts with the City. They assign Minority/Women and/or Disadvantage Business (M/WBE/DBE) goals to each construction project and have a Defined Selection Pool for Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) projects. 

Larger contractors or consultants that bid on the City’s construction projects meet M/WBE/DBE goals by subcontracting to firms certified as a M/WBE, DBE, or ACDBE. Only certified firms count toward meeting each contract goal and only SBE or EBE certified firms can bid on set aside projects designated for those certifications. 

Use the links below to learn more about the City's small business programs. The City does have an online application to apply for or renew of any of the certifications they manage. It is free to apply for DBE or ACDBE certification. However, if you choose to apply for any of the City's other sponsored programs, a $200 application fee is required.