Darryl Keeton

  • CDOT Prequalification
  • DBE/ESB Certification
  • Business Strategy/Planning
  • Marketing Strategy/Networking
  • Contract/Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial/Cash Flow Management
  • Cost Accounting/Cost Control
  • Overhead Rate Calculation
  • Project Plans/Specs
  • Billing and Invoicing

Darryl has over 10 years of professional business experience. He spent 5 years at Deloitte & Touche in the Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) practice. There he spent time in engagements from auditing, internal audit, general computer controls, and information security and privacy. Darryl has strong knowledge in designing business process flows, accounting and financial control and process management, risk management, and process optimization. 

Darryl also has a wide range of experience in compliance and regulation processes and controls. In the last two year’s, Darryl has transitioned out of corporate American to assist small businesses. He has assisted small businesses with accomplishments such as establishing formal accounting and financial processes, increasing operational efficiencies, and developing solutions to grow companies. His experience in the construction industry includes assisting clients with DBE/ESB certification, and providing guidance and assistance for the recently adopted CDOT Financial Prequalification requirements. 

In addition, he assists with accounting and financial processes such as establishing budgeting processes, financial review analysis, chart of account reconstruction, cost accounting, and cost controls (e.g., 48 CFR Part 31 citations). Darryl also specializes within the industry with experience in strategic business development, business plan development, and project management. Darryl received dual majors in accounting and management information systems at the University of Arizona. 

Darryl is available for consulting through the Denver Metro SBDC, as well as by virtual appointment statewide.