Professional Services Collaborative Forum

The Professional Services Collaborative Forum is a forum dedicated to small business issues for professional services firms. The forum works to find solutions to issues affecting DBE and ESB utilization and success and serves as a voice for the DBE and ESB community.

Resources and Online Training

Click here to access resources that can help your business navigate CDOT small business requirements for professional services contracts.

Next meeting:
January 11, 2018
9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
CDOT Headquarters, Auditorium
4201, East Arkansas Avenue, CO 80222

2017 Past Meeting Information

Meeting Date  Meeting Information
 January 12, 2017  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  RSVP
 April 13, 2017  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  RSVP
 July 13, 2017  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  RSVP
 October 12, 2017  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  RSVP

2016 Past Meeting Information

Meeting Date  Meeting Information
 January 14, 2016  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance   Presentations/Handouts
 April 14, 2016  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  
 July 14, 2016  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  
 October 13, 2016  Agenda  Minutes  Attendance  Presentations/Handouts  

Advisory Board

Professional Services Forum Contacts
 Professional Services Advisory Chair James Martinez, President
Martinez Associates Inc.
 Professional Services Advisory Vice-Chair Vernal C. Stewart, CEO & President
 CDOT Civil Rights Specialist, Small Business Programs Megan Coontz McAllister
(303) 512-4140
 Connect2DOT Program Manager Cathy Kramer
(720) 624-6728