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Webinar: CDOT Prequalification & Master Price Agreement

Date: July 14, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Cost: $25
Location: Online

Part of the Connect2DOT Training Series for Professional Services Firms

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This webinar will explain the process for getting prequalified by CDOT to provide highway design-related Professional Services on CDOT projects (engineering, environmental, surveying, etc.). ALL professional services consultants, both prime and sub, must be prequalified and have a Master Price Agreement (MPA) with CDOT in order to work on any Project-Specific or Non-Project Specific task orders.

CDOT Prequalification is made up of two steps; (1) technical and (2) financial. Technical prequalification is being transitioned from the CDOT SuSS Portal to Rocky Mountain ePurchasing (BidNet Direct). We will show you how to complete the application and renew annually in the new system. Financial prequalification results in an MPA with CDOT that establishes your hourly billing rates for consultants working on CDOT projects.

What You'll Learn:

  • CDOT requirements for technical and financial prequalification
  • Difference between "Consultants" and "Vendors"
  • CDOT SuSS portal registration and navigation through online technical prequalification
  • CDOT Form 1058 and other required attachments
  • Process and documentation required to obtain a Master Price Agreement (MPA)

  • Louis Wynn, CDOT SuSS Portal
  • Darrell Wells, CDOT Prequalification
  • Josh Gosenca, CDOT Audit