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Webinar: Cyber Planning Training Series for the AEC Industry

Dates: May 11 - June 15, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Cost: $25 each or $100 for the full series
Location: Online

It’s no secret that construction data is one of, if not THE most valuable asset for a company in the AEC industry. Recent strides in the industry to automate processes—such as accounting, project management, model-sharing, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software—makes this industry particularly vulnerable to security breaches. Contractors are vulnerable to the same cyber threats that impact any industry—including phishing scams, ransomware attacks and distributed denial of service, to name a few. While larger A&E and construction firms have taken measures to increase cybersecurity, many small to mid-sized companies aren’t fully aware of what threats they could face, or how to start hedging against them.

This 6-part Cybersecurity training series has been developed specifically for the AEC industry.  You will gain the information you need to understand your cyber risks and how to mitigate them without risking valuable client information and intellectual property. Clearly, failing to invest in information security is not worth the cost, loss of client trust, and reputational damage. 

Join Dr. Shawn Murray, a trusted cybersecurity expert and COO of the Information Systems Security Association, for a critical conversation about how to protect your data and your business. Dr. Murray has worked with NSA, FBI, CIA and the US Defense and State Departments on various Cyber initiatives and has over 20 years of IT, communications and Cyber Security experience for companies such as Parsons, Northrop Grumman, and the US Air Force. He has direct experience in the AEC industry and uses real-life examples to make it relevant.

CLICK HERE to register to for all classes in the series. Or, you may register for individual sessions by clicking the links below. You will receive a link to join after you complete registration.

For questions or to register by phone, please contact the Pikes Peak SBDC at 303-326-8686.