Do You Have an OHSA-Compliant Safety Program?

13-Mar-2019 to 13-Mar-2019

Construction sites are dangerous places. Some of the dangers-like heavy construction equipment-are obvious. But there are also hidden dangers of working in construction that, while not obvious, lead to injuries every day. Protecting construction workers and creating a safe construction environment requires companies to go beyond the minimum safety rules. You need a keen understanding and a program that is in compliance with OSHA, federal contracting regulations, project owners, and primes. 

Connect2DOT is offering a FREE Safety Toolbox workshop at the Pikes Peak SBDC in Colorado Springs on April 11th for both large and small contractors. The workshop will be led by Barry Cole, President of Cole-Preferred Safety Consulting Inc., a nationally-recognized industry expert with more than 40 years of safety experience. Barry serves on OSHA committees and has developed safety laws and standards for ANSI and OSHA. He is often called up as an expert witness for OSHA, NIOSH, and various states. Participants will also receive 3.5 hr. training certification in "Safety Awareness and OSHA Requirements" and continuing education (CE) credits with proof that you have completed safety training. Click here to register.