Bidding and Estimating 

Before you submit your bid to a prime contractor, be sure to do your homework. To be competitive, you need to know the market and how you stack up against other subcontractors. There are a variety of sources you can use to check your pricing against the competition.

  • CDOT Bid Tabulations: Provides results of all submitted bids with individual costs per line item. Go through some of the most recent projects and search for the type of work you provide. Check the quantities and prices provided by the winning bidder, as well as those provided by other unsuccessful bidders. 
  • CDOT Item Code Book: Provides a line item description for each of the item codes CDOT uses in bids for highway construction.
  • CDOT Cost Data Book: Provides average prices for various CDOT bid items. These costs are used by CDOT to create an Engineer's Estimate for highway construction projects to set a budget and evaluate offers.
  • Bid Express: Use the bid analysis feature of the CDOT online bidding system to review submitted bids and line items costs.
  • GSA Advantage: Search for the GSA Schedule that includes your product or service, or a search for a competitive company by name. Click on each company in the category to view an online price list that represents their "best commercially available" prices negotiated with the government. 
Competitive research is just the first step to preparing a successful bid. You should also review the following resources and considerations when preparing your bid. If you need assistance or review of your estimates, you can schedule an appointment through your nearest SBDC to meet with a Connect2DOT Consultant.