Competitive Rates 

CDOT contracts with consultants that are determined to be the most qualified in a competitive evaluation process. Cost is not a factor in this evaluation. Consultants that are selected for an award are then required to submit a plan that includes an estimate of hours and hourly rates for each position assigned to the project. Although you may be on the winning team, it is important your rates are competitive to better your chances of receiving a task order. 

Below are resources that can help you determine if your rates are in line with the current market. 

  • GSA Advantage: Search for the GSA Schedule that includes your product or service or a search for a competitive company by name. Click on each company in the category to view an online price list that represents their "best commercially available" prices negotiated with the government.
  • CDOT Bid Tabulations: Provide results of all submitted bids with individual costs per line item. In some cases, construction projects, especially those that are design-build, may include consultant work types. Check these types of bids to see prices that were provided by the winning bidder, as well as those provided by other unsuccessful bidders.