Get Prequalified

If you want to bid on a CDOT project as a prime contractor, prime consultant, or subconsultant, you must first be prequalified by the CDOT Contracts and Market Analysis Prequalification Unit. Prequalification is the process of reviewing a company's size, financials, bonding, equipment, personnel, and experience in order to verify that the business has the capability to manage a CDOT project. Consulant prequalification also requires approval of a Master Price Agreement (MPA). Prequalification is valid for one year. You must submit a renewal application each year to maintain your prequalification status. Any new application or renewal application must be submitted within 17 calendar days before the bid opening for projects on which the contractor desires to submit a bid.

Should You Get Prequalified?

Only firms that provide highway design or construction services need to be prequalified. Suppliers and sellers of general goods and services, subcontractors on a highway construction project, and firms that provide "non-professional services" on a highway design project do not need to be prequalified. For example, it is rare that CDOT would put out a bid for trucking services exclusively. Instead, trucking and hauling are usually part of a larger highway construction project. Therefore, most trucking companies work as a subcontractor to a larger prime contractor. In this case, it would not make sense for you to get prequalified because you will likely not be bidding as a prime. The same goes for a lot of small contractors that are not in a position to be a prime contractor on a highway construction project.

How To Get Prequalified

The CDOT prequalification process and application is different for contractors and consultants. Follow the instructions and links in the category that best applies to your business. If you provide services in both categories, you will need to submit two separate applications.