Adriane Sanford

  • DBE/ESB Certification
  • Marketing Strategy/Networking
  • CDOT Prequalification
  • CDOT Bidding/Project Forms
  • Project Plans/Specifications
  • Strategic Growth Planning
  • Startup Assistance
Adriane Sanford brings leadership, industry expertise, and a deep passion to deliver solutions that help develop and expand the number of minority contractors in the horizontal sector of construction. Adriane has 18 years of experience providing small business and economic development consulting, diversity consulting services, effective communication and community outreach programs, diversity training and program development, compliance monitoring and reporting, and technical and specialized training services and programs that leverage best practices for  small and disadvantaged businesses in the construction/transportation industry. 

Adriane began her career as a small business advisor with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). During this time, she also taught entrepreneurial topics at the University of Colorado at Denver. Adriane then served as the Director of CDOT’s Construction Development Center (CDC) and was responsible for; increasing the number of DBE firms participating in roadway/highway construction, championing solutions, coordinating outreach efforts, designing and developing programs and services, and leveraging best practices to assist small and disadvantaged contractors. In 2007, Adriane was asked to provide consulting services to DBE firms participating in the CDOT Business Opportunity Workforce Development Program (BOWD), an innovative, federally-funded million-dollar grant program authorized by the USDOT.

In 2009, Adriane started her own consulting firm, The Sanford Group, LLC which provides innovative solutions to diversity program development and strategic approaches to clients in the transportation, construction, government, and economic development markets. All projects are approached with exceptional organizational skills, determination for success and a deep passion and commitment to an effective diversity program.  The Sanford Group and its team thorough understanding of Community Outreach Programs, Compliance Monitoring, Tracking and Verifications as it relates to the design, build and construction industry, led to their most recent accomplishment:

On the $11,746.000 million dollar RTD Sheridan Rail Line Parking Structure project, RTD exceeded the unprecedented 51% SBE goal to 54%. In addition, they more than doubled the 16% DBE goal to 32% on the $13,380.000 million dollar RTD Wadsworth Rail Line Parking Structure Project.

Adriane received her Associate of Art’s Degree in Human Services at the Colorado Women’s College in Denver.

Adrianne is available for consulting through the Denver Metro SBDC, as well as by virtual appointment statewide.